Sinner’s Sorrow is an atmospheric 2D action adventure game currently in development for PC (Win/OSX/Linux). In Sinner’s Sorrow you are a sinner fighting for your redemption. Set in a dominantly black and white and ominous world, you take up arms against your inner demons. With sword and shield and a multitude of esoteric abilities you strike down those that stand between you and redemption, or fall into deeper darkness.

Sinner’s Sorrow combines the intensity of dynamic action combat with a heavy atmosphere and aspects of puzzle solving, light platforming and influences from the Metroidvania genre.

Sinner’s Sorrow is being developed by bitHuffel’s Ruud Koorevaar and Anton van Es.

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Release date and price point are both to be announced at a later point in time. Expect a moderate indie game price as you are used to.
Sinner’s Sorrow is an Atmospheric Action Adventure taking influences from a variety of games such as Limbo, Dark Souls, Dust an Elysian Tale, Darksiders, or even Machinarium or Abe’s Oddysee. Sinner’s Sorrow is not exactly like any one of those games, but rather combines certain elements from them such as combat, puzzles and character/world progression and fuses it together in a single and neat package. Expect in-depth combat interchanged with moments of explorative puzzle solving set in a world which has a story of its own.

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Sinner’s Sorrow will be exclusively single player. An internet connection will not be required, except for certain Steam features such as achievements.
As of yet the specific system requirements are not yet known as we are in early development. Expect that a CPU of 2.4GHz along with 512MB RAM will do fine. It will be fully compatible to be played with mouse and keyboard or a gamepad of choosing.
We plan to at least translate the game from English to German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Other languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese are under consideration.
We are going to focus on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) for now, but we do not exclude the option for other platforms (most likely candidates would be Xbox One or PS4). First however is PC. A Steam Greenlight campaign will launch in the near future. Please subscribe to the newsletter so you’ll know when! Your support would be hugely appreciated, and it will also help in getting the traction needed to bring the game to other platforms.
Most likely yes. Please subscribe to the newsletter if you want to stay in the loop on when and where!
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bitHuffel is a Dutch game development studio with a varying cast. The previous project, Zenzizenzic, was solely developed by Ruud Koorevaar and published by Adult Swim Games in the Summer of 2015. For Sinner’s Sorrow, Anton van Es is added to the team to take up art, animation and general design. A publisher is not yet involved with the project.

This project is a giant leap forwards in the resume of bitHuffel and we are hugely excited to share the game’s progress and eventually present you an amazing experience!

Ruud Koorevaar (code, design, management) and Anton van Es (art, design).


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